Posting Blog from iPhone or IPod

Do you know that we can post blog directly from iPod or iPhone?

There is an official free app from WordPress Community that make you can post your blog anywhere as long as you have internet connection. We don’t need safari browser anymore for this.

Like this post, i write this post using WordPress app installed in iPod. It takes a little effort to type hundreds of words in ipod keyboard but ideas always come anytime right? When away from computer. We can save the post as draft and publish it wheb we get internet connection.

This free app can work for both free and self-hosted wordpress blog.

Just search “wordpress” in iTunes store to download thos free app.

How To Resolve Macbook Problem: OS X Leopard cannot boot

Using my Macbook for one and half year now, crash it several times (cannot count anymore), installed countless of fresh OS X 10.5.

Okay, now hope my post below will save your ass and precious time.

Your Mac OS X Issues

If you have problem like below:

  • Cannot start up Mac OS X Leopard, freeze on start up
  • Never get into login screen, or stop in the gray Apple screen
  • After booting, go to gray screen, wait a long time, and mac is shut down by itself.

It might be caused by failed update (you tried to update 10.5.2 to 10.5.x) or some system files corrupted, or some devices failed to load.

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All about Huawei E220 – Driver for Mac and XP, ressurection from failed firmware update

Long time from before Lebaran, I purchased Huawei USB Modem E220 from Internet marketer. The price is IDR 986,000 (incl. shipping fee). It is an unlocked Vodafone UK Version, so we can insert any GSM SIM Card to surf Internet with speed UMTS and HSDPA.

Installation for Windows

Huawei E220 Installation for Windows XP is straightforward. Perform below steps to install driver and set correct APN.

  1. When I inserted into USB port, Windows will detect it immediately.
  2. Notice that there is a new drive appear in your computer, as if we have inserted USB Flash disk.
  3. Windows will not recognized and install correct driver. So when Windows asks about finding driver, you should point search location to new drive comes from Huawei.
  4. After installation completed  we will have 3 new devices: USB, 3G Modem, and 3G Port.
  5. Install Vodafone Mobile Connect from that new drive. This is optional but I believe it makes your life easier.
  6. Open Mobile Connect application, choose Settings – Network Connection Settings.. from menu
  7. Create a new profile. My case is Indosat 3G
  8. Information to be filled
    • Number : *99***1#
    • username: indosat3g
    • password: indosat3g
    • APN Static: indosat3g
  9. Save this setting and try to connect.
  10. Happy surfing

E220 Installation for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

For Mac driver, I surf all the web to find correct driver. Download everything and now I am abit confused which one is working one. Originally I follow steps explained by Evan. Hope you can follow my installation step to install Huawei E220 driver for Mac OS X.

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Cheap Mobile Internet Solutions in Indonesia

After 2 years we’ve been seeing GSM Operator battle for 3G Internet solution, let me conclude what options we have currently (data gathered as per Sept 12th, 2008).

The hot offers for this time being is : Indosat 3G Unlimited, Telkomsel Flash Unlimited, and Indosat M2 new package. Read each provider’s summary in my article below.

Indosat M2

Indosat M2 (IM2) is a subsidiary of PT Indosat Tbk. Their business is mainly in providing pay TV and Internet services. Mobile Internet services comes with providing a USIM Card with prefix 0814, it can be used for data only, voice call is not available.

IM2 offices are separated from Indosat Galeri, but you can find them operating together in some places, such as at Galeri Indosat Artha Graha, Roxy, Pondok Indah. Or you can go to their new store at Plasa Semanggi.

Currently they offer 2 options for mobile Internet

  • Pre-paid option.
    Package name is called IM2 Broom. Similar to prepaid GSM, you have to buy voucher to top-up your account. Vouchers can be purchased from BNI and Permata Bank ATM. The good thing is if you don’t fully use up your quota then it can be used for following month depending of expiration of the voucher. This is a cheap Internet solution for light users. Voucher prices are vary:

    IDR 50,000.- for 100MB, expired in 30 days after first use
    IDR 100,000.- for 200 MB, expired in 45 days.
    IDR 150,000.- for 300 MB, expired in 60 days.

    A new promo package with 3G/HSDPA Model is also available. By paying approx. IDR 125,000 for 6 months contract (by charging to Mandiri or BCA Credit Card) you will get ZTE MF620 HSDPA modem plus Voucher for 200MB data.
    You can purchase this starter pack on their reseller outlets (see the list here).

  • Post-paid option.
    For quite heavy users, you need a bigger Internet quota. You will be billed on monthly basis, separated from Indosat GSM Matrix billing (if you also have it). Here I only list cheap packages

    • Paket Eco, IDR 160,000 per month, 700MB quota, excess quota: IDR 0,4/KB.
    • Paket Ecofit, IDR 259,000 per month, FREE Modem, 700MB quota per month.
    • Paket You, IDR 350,000 per month, 1,2GB quota, excess quota: IDR 0,35/KB.


Indosat as a 3G Player is often not too aggresively pursuing customer by not offering cheap mobile Internet. They have IM3 and Mentari for GSM Prepaid, Matrix for post-paid, and Indosat 3G / 3.5G Broadband for Internet-only users.

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A Weekend with a Crashed Mac

If you think your Mac OS X is as solid as a building brick, you are wrong. Something shit can happen that causes OS X fail to load.

Apple MacbookI got this crash experience recently with my OS X. As technical spec, I have MacBook Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz, DDR 1.5 GB, HDD 80 GB, with OS X Leopard 10.5.2 before crash. The initial cause of problem was my Macbook battery not detected anymore. Then in some bright days the power adapter had got unplugged accidentally, so the Mac OS got to sudden shutdown. This happened several times, so in one day I tried to do Verify Disk via Disk Utility. It told me some errors. Then when the 10.5.3 update was released by Apple, I downloaded it and tried to install the update in high hope that it can fix my problem. Totally wrong! The update only went half of the way just to say something error to update my root folder. Then it freezed, Finder couldn’t be used at all. Then I pressed the magic power button for a while to force it to shutdown. And here was the situation: OS X would not load anymore. It booted, shown Apple logo, dark screen, and restarted, kept restarting.
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Is Apple killing itself using iPhone 3G?

During WWDC 2008 Keynote on June 9th, Steve Jobs announced new iPhone 3G handset. All the specs were already known by some rumours, so no surprise for me. But unveiling a US$199 3G device with built in GPS capability, not to mention it is a complete head-to-head positioning to iPod Nano, makes me wonder: Why do we need to buy iPod Nano anymore?

iPod Nano comes in 16GB and 32GB, offering to play music and movie only in a small dimension of LCD. The main feature of the hardware is its scroll-wheel. 8GB model price for iPod Nano is also US$199. Now let’s compare it to iPhone 3G. It has multi-touch LCD display, GSM Mobile Device, includes all iPod capabilities, plus Safari Browser, 2 MP Camera, GPS, and can host lots of custom applications, all in US$199 in US market. What will you choose?

Yes, Apple is killing itself by selling iPhone 3G in a price that competes with iPod Nano, even cheaper than iPod Touch. The only reason one will buy an iPod Touch is because his country is not listed in iPhone worldwide selling. Even I live in Indonesia will wait for iPhone 3G availability instead of buying iPod Nano now. Someone out there surely will sell unlocked iPhone 3G to Indonesia, same as previous iPhone 1.0.

Manufacturing cost of an iPhone 3G is definitely higher than its selling price. This mobile phone is highly subsidize by GSM operators who make exclusive deal with Apple. Actual price of this device might be above US$300 for initial built. But using mass-product manufacturing, with only 2 models of device (8GB and 16GB), low price is imaginable. Let’s assume that Apple orders a factory in Taiwan or China to manufacture 8 million pcs of iPhone 3G, with same LCD and mainboard specs, Apple will have great bargaining power for this to its counterparts.