Fireworks 2012

Ukuran majunya pariwisata sebuah negara bisa dilihat dari fireworks atau pesta kembang api yang diselenggarakan oleh pemerintahnya. Budget besar tentu pertunjukan spektakuler menjadi tontonan warga dan turis yang datang.

Landmark yang menjadi icon sebuah kota biasanya adalah tempat diselenggarakannya malam pergantian tahun semacam ini. Mulai dari Big Ben di London, Marina Bay di Singapore, termasuk gedung tertinggi di dunia Burj Al Khalifa di Dubai.

Monas - Jakarta (Sumber: antaranews)

Singapore - (sumber:

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Photoblog: Barcelona Airport Terminal 1

New built Terminal 1 of Barcelona Airport is a bit piece of art. Shiny tiles give great impression and spacious to wander around. Facilities included cafes, restaurants (there’s MacDonald’s), and don’t forget about ZARA fashion store.

Barcelona Airport, also known as El Prat, coded BCN, is located 12km southwest of Barcelona city. This new terminal designed by Ricardo Bofill was inaugurated on June the 16th, 2009 as new building and new gates coded with D and E. Old Airport is renamed to Terminal 2 but still coded as A,B, C. Source: Wikipedia

Regular bus from Plaça Espanya directly stops passenger to this Terminal 1, while riding RENFE Line 2 train will stop at Terminal 2 and one need to hop for free shuttle bus to Terminal 1.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish or Catalan, every signage also available in English.

Photoblog: Ocean Park Hong Kong

Hong Kong Ocean Park (??????) is oceanarium and animal theme park, with as large as 870,000 square meter of land, one of your must come itinerary when you visit Hong Kong.

Founded in 1977, not until 1999 two Giant Pandas were given to the park, and now become one of main attractions of the theme park.

Atoll Reef – A four-storey high aquarium holding more than 2,000 fish from 250 different species, including the Black Spotted Sting Ray, for which a second generation was successfully bred at Ocean Park.

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Photoblog: Rooftop Garden @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central shopping centre is the first to claim as vertical mall in Singapore, that is growing up instead of taking space in the crowded Orchard Rd shopping street.

Take elevator up to level 11 and you will be brought into future – where all buildings should do – to plan garden in the rooftop. Take stairs one level up to L12 and you can walk through the orchid and water plants.

Photoblog: Elephant Riding in Thailand

One of the highlight when tourists visit Thailand is to ride an elephant. Phuket Island Safari, 20 minutes drive from downtown is an area that offer such experience.

A cart of two people is placed on top of elephant and ‘the driver’ controls movement with a kind of big needle by pressing it to the left or right of elephant’s head. A bit sadistic for human, but I guess it is like scratching for elephant thick skin.

Read my post about Phuket to more highlights.

Photoblog: Swiss Cuckoo Clocks

Swiss is renowned for its expensive watch makers, but even when you want to buy a cuckoo clock at Swiss for souvernir, the price for this wooden clock (doubt it is made in China) is as expensive as one Tag Heuer watch.

Browsing through a Casagrande store in Luzern selling Scheider Cuckoo Clocks, CHF 200 is standard minimum price for one good, battery powered clocked.

‘Heidi’, seems like popular figure to appear in those clocks, whether dancing around when o’clock, or swinging on small rope as second indicator.