Step by Step to Connect to Telkomsel Flash

Telkom FlashWith some luck, my blog got listed as #1 entry in Google if you search “telkom flash” keyword. But my previous post was only intended to explain pricing scheme.
Now I want to provide with more details about instruction to connect to Telkomsel Flash (yeah, remember that this product name is Telkomsel instead of Telkom).

Stage 1: Activate The Card
1. Get yourself Telkomsel SIM Card: Kartu Halo (postpaid), Simpati or Kartu As (prepaid)
2. Register for 3G Service first, by sending text “3G” to number “3636”
3. Upon receiving activation confirmation (up to 24 hours, but usually just in a hour), proceed with sending text “flash” to number “3636”
4. You’ll get another confirmation that your SIM Card is ready.

Stage 2: Connect to Internet
This steps varies from users to users depends on mobile phone or data card. You can choose to use Telkomsel provided USB Modem Card (that is branded as Flash in its body, but actual product is Huawei E220 that is compatible to Windows, Linux, and Mac), or find another card such as Sierra 3G Card, or use your 3G/3.5G Mobile Phone.
Huawei E220 is quite expensive, around IDR 2 millions, or wait several months again until price is drop. I recommend using mobile phone such as Sony Ericsson (start from IDR 1.7 millions), LG (start from 1.6 million), and Nokia (you know it will not be cheaper that SE).
Now I assume you use mobile phone as I do. I am using Sony Ericsson M600i with MacBook.
1. Install PC Suite for your PC/Laptop, make sure Modem Driver is installed and phone is detected.
2. Create a dial-up connection, fill phone number with apn “flash
3. Now try to dial-up
4. When connected, try open any website for the first time. You will be redirected to Telkomsel Flash homepage to choose the package (sometimes it got discounted). After deciding your package, then the counter will be soon started.

Play wisely because it is time-based!

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  • fachruz

    are u sure that apn is correct??
    my customer service said it’s internet or telkomsel

  • alisanta

    @fachruz After your registration for unlimited is completed with Telkomsel, you can use any apn (internet, flash) as long as it can connect. Don’t bother to check your billing with *888#, it is not your adjusted internet billing.

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  • DC

    Hi, I am using a Intel Macbook OSX 10.4.11
    I have tried all the instructions to install the PKG drivers, change the APN to internet or flash, but I can’t seem to connect.

    I have applied for the basic Unlimited Package.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

  • DC

    Due to my curiosity, I have searched, and the solution to my problems are here:

    I have no problems connecting now, and hope it helps those that faced the same problems as me.


  • Daryl

    I have connected but I can’t send any emails with Outlook, as I think the outgoing server is wrong. I have entered “” which is what I use for my landline in Australia, but maybe it needs to be different here.

    do you know what it should be?


    Daryl Rapley

  • alist

    @Daryl: Some possibilites. First you should try to set authentication for SMTP server. Go to your Outlook account setting, find SMTP authentication setting to fill your username and password. Then test sending.

    Second, your home country’s smtp server rejects this kind of request because it can be considered as ‘relay’. It might be thinking that only people originating from aussie IP address may get thru. So try using other SMTP server or use webmail if possible.

  • Umar Bakrie

    Hi, do you have or know the articles about setup nokia email messaging, especially if we are using an ordinary email account (ie: not listed in nokia database. I have no problem to setuap my yahoo or gmail email account.

    please help me!

  • mmgejlvk

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  • Rony

    Hi.. thank’s for this info, I wanna asking u ;

    1. What is the Outgoing Mail Server for Simpati Flash??

    I using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

    Please hel me.

    Thank u

    • Alist

      @Rony, you have to use your email provider’s SMTP address. Telkomsel does not provide SMTP for outgoing mail purpose.

      if you are using Yahoo Mail for retrieving email, find yahoo help documentation.

  • Samantha

    Hi, I bought the telkomsel flash last year in Indonesia and was told I would be able to use it anywhere in the world. I am now in Africa and have a SIM card but do not know how to activate it. Can you offer any help with this? Thank you!

  • gladis

    saya baru beli telkom flash dan sangat kecewa sekali ternyata telkom sangat lemot sekali tidak sebesar perusahaan telkom yang saya tahu kecewwwwa sekalllli