Which one you choose: Pertamina GazCard vs BCA Flazz

Pertamina GazCardAfter long rumor and planning (as I wrote in Teknolagi), you may notice that more and more fuel gas station in Jakarta (may be other cities in Indonesia) and suburbs are equipped with BCA EDC, BCA Flazz, and Bank Mandiri - Pertamina GazCard. Flazz and GazCard are contact-less smartcard, which just have to tap card into the reader and you balance will be transferred to seller in less than a minute. So you don’t have to pay with cash to buy fuel. You have many options now: your Visa / Mastercard Credit card (surcharge 2%), BCA Flazz (no surcharge) and Pertamina GazCard (also no surcharge/fee).

Despite not utilized and not many people knowing and using this kind of transaction, I am pretty sure this will be a hit starting from next year. Which one you prefer: GazCard or Flazz?

GazCard is sold with co-branding with Bank Mandiri, is limited use only at fuel station. You couldn’t find other stores accepting this kind of prepaid card.  And it is a bit hard to top-up its balance since you have to go to SPBU / Fuel station to do it. So I think not flexible enough if this card is not accepted anywhere else.

BCA Flazz CardIn the other hand, Bank Central Asia promotes Flazz Card aggressively these days. Easily can you find BCA stands in malls offering you BCA Flazz promotion (remember the spelling: not Flash). And you know BCA, its vast network and technology. You can find a lot of stores accepting FlazzCard, such as: Hoka-Hoka Bento, Starbucks, KFC, Indomaret, and may more. So you know that this card will exist for longer time. Have you ever heard of JakCard issued by Bank DKI for Busway Ride? its in half-dead now because small network and lack of publications.

So I prefer BCA Flazz for its vast network, but actually I will more support 3rd independent company approved by government instead of single bank entity. That will ensure single adoption and use in public transportation as legal payment. Just think that you can ride TransJakarta Busway with this kind of card, paying food, paying toll-road fee / freeway, and monorail (in development). Offering different card just confusing people and in the end all will dead if no dominant player wins.

Just learn from successful implementation in Singapore (ez-Link Card), Hong Kong with Octopus Card, and London with Oyster Card. All issued by local government or a 3rd party company setup by government, not a banking institution to avoid monopoly.

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  • Riza

    i think the important things for both of them GazCard or FlazzCard, have similar function to control gas expenses,we can put the nominal for our gas expenses.
    for people who have a personal driver. they do’nt have to give cash for them, and every transaction will more easier to track because,we always get struck for every transaction using the card.

    beside that,the Flazzcard have another function, we can use it at many merchant, for purchase less than 1 mio .

    so i prefer FlazzCard because with flazzcard it’s hassle free and always be ready with small cash.

  • junus w`

    I would prefer ( phone) sim card, which are already being verified
    by the operator’s financial department. Almost, well alot of people have it already.
    Some countires are already implamented this transaction.
    So why do we need to issue other cards, which we already have one in the begining?
    Just change the sim cards into a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and we dont need another credit card.
    Maybe these are the things that credit card companies are worried about.

  • http://faisalmalik1989.com faisalmalik1989

    i don’t really understand what’s going on in here. is the GazCard released by Mandiri?

    This is why I asked. my brother gave me a GazCard which he got it for free because answering a question correctly on an event. there is a BCA logo on the box of the GazCard and a large Flazz logo on the back an a small Flazz logo on the card. I really wish to show you the photo but I didn’t bring my digicam.

    In fact of what I’ve said, I think gazcard is just the same as Flazz but I don’t know if I can use the GazCard on other merchants beside Pertamina.

  • alist

    @faisalmalik1989 Really? I thought that Gazcard was issued by Bank Mandiri. Or maybe GazCard can be issued by any bank which have agreement with Pertamina. And yes, GazCard can only be accepted in SPBU Pertamina, no where else.

    Meanwhile BCA Flazz now widely accepted in many places including restaurants, foodstores, and parking gates.

  • vina

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  • http://www.smart-card.com Smartcardguy

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  • Desmond

    I more prefer flazz card then gaz card, but the weakness of flazz card is can’t be used at transjakarta. so, I suggest it more useful if flazz card also can be used at transjakarta. for the description I am agreed with your opinion.

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