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There's something new in our television program in last 12 months. If you notice, 9PM onward some channels start broadcasting talkshow programs. It is a good sign in my view, that our viewers start to accept talkshow, slowly to replace those boring tv dramas.

The first one is Lepas Malam on TransTv hosted by Farhan. It had been couple years if I can remember his performance in the smart and entertaining jokes and current affairs. After replaced by Indi barens, I felt that it lost some magic touches, so I never watch again.

The second is Bincang Bintang hosted by Tika Panggabean. I never enjoy watching this program so I can't describe it better.

When Farhan moved to Antv, I praised him as a risk taker. Moving from the most favorite show to an unknown show on not-so-many-people-watch tv channel was a brave move. Its first couple months' shows were good and well known, but I think this year will not be his year.

And now worth mentioning is Empat Mata on Trans7 (formerly TV7). And you might not believe who is the host: Tukul Arwana. Non-commercial face and lack of intellectual background don't take into account to the viewers. It is an entertaining and fresh talkshow, usually with going-no-where of talk or no conclusion at end of show, but I have to praise how he brings his one hour show into a very attractive with lots of laughing.

I watched the first episode of Empat Mata on Sunday. The show was only once a week on Sunday 10PM. It was very good show with Sarah Azhari as a guest, and it went to the end of show without going nowhere, just laugh and laugh. But these days, the show comes to your tv from Sunday to Friday, jokes is well prepared or spontaneous, he becomes smarter and dumber at once. And huge money comes to his pocket since he has been signed 300+ episodes for the show. Wow.


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