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I went to Bandung on the weekend. Taking usual trip and destination: eating at Bumbu Desa and Rumah Mode Factory Outlet.

Bumbu desa is worth mentioning because of its great taste of Sundas food-style. It is located at Pasir Kaliki, 5 minutes walk from Mal PasKal. I can say that this is the best restaurant for those who love Sunda's meal, from fried chicken to gepuk to tempe bacem. And don't forget to apply its chilli since it is very hot. The Gepuk is very sweet and tender, just put some chillies and get ready to sweating.

Me at Paris Van Java -

What my new destination was Paris Van Java. I can say that it is an awesome shopping complex, unique, and inspiring design. The design concept is open air walk. Imagine the atmosphere of Bugis Junction at Singapore with stores at both sides, it is very similar. Or Citos or Setiabudi One, but this complex sells branded items, from Mango to Esprit.

I also got my chance to watch movie in Blitz cinema. Amazed by the number of its screen: 10, and its pricing scheme: 25000 on the weekend. A very fantastic offer especially using my HSBC card. Actually I watch korean movie: The Host, so the ticket was only Rp. 10000(usd\$1). The sound quality is average and the seat is nice and acceptable but not as comfortable as XXI studios seat.

Just just how the competition works, and that's why XXI group lower their ticket price aggressively. Get ready for Blitz cinema in Jakarta, as I could recount it will open in Pacific Place SCBD and Grand Indonesia


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