Dial-up GPRS from MacBook OS X Tiger using Sony Ericsson M600i

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I'm using Sony Ericsson M600i and Apple MacBook (Intel) running Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.8. I've got problem when I want to dial GPRS using bluetooth or cable from the Mac. Tried to pair the bluetooth connection was not successful since the Mac didn't recognize the phone.

~~Later here is my order of solution.
1. Update Mac OS X to version 10.4.9
2. After the update, I see that the phone can be found by iSync (but still not supported for synchronize)
3. Do pairing again using bluetooth (Set Up Bluetooth Device.. and follow the procedure, until you find the choose Username to dial)
4. Enter the username and password for dial-up, then select for Modem Script "Ericsson T39 28.8"
5. Try to dial for Internet Connection.~~

~~That should be working. But some sites were not able to open, I don't know whether because of the ISP or the modem script. But at least I've made progress because I couldn't dial at all before.~~

Finally I can get my phone works as bluetooth modem.

  1. Download modem script from http://www.taniwha.org.uk, I downloaded Sony Ericsson 3G Script
  2. Drop the modem scripts into Library/Modem Scripts
  3. Set up PPP:

    1. Open Network Preferences
    2. Optional: Create a new location - call it "Mobile" or whatever
    3. Select "Show: 'Bluetooth Modem Port'
    4. Select the PPP tab and enter your network name in "Service Provider".
    5. Enter in "Telephone Number" the APN for your network (my case: satelindogprs.com)
    6. Enter the Account name & Password (if required)
  4. Setup Modem

    1. Select the Bluetooth Modem tab in Network Preferences
    2. Set 'Modem: "Sony Ericsson 3G "'
  5. Connect

    1. Open Internet Connect
    2. Select Bluetooth Modem Port
    3. Click "Connect"

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