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I've just tried to use Indosat Mentari 3G Dialup access. All I can say is just 'Wow'. The price is Rp 100 per minutes. So I opened all websites, pop mail (300+ mails), and using download manager at once to save time. I have to save time because rate is counting in minutes, not in how big I download.

Mentari time-based access is to counter Telkomsel Flash (see my previous post) which was quite expensive (Rp 350/minute), so I believe Telkomsel should revise their price in order to keep customer.

My download speed is 10-20 KB/s which is quite good as dialup alternative. FYI, I'm using Sony Ericsson M600i, see login setting below.

APN indosatgprs Username indosat@durasi Password indosat@durasi

I wish I had 3.5G phone :)


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