Importing Lotus Notes Calendar to iCal Mac OS

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Since I'm using Sony Ericsson M600i in MacBook running Mac OS X 10.4.9, iSync doesn't support the phone. This causes headache because I have to maintain 4 calendar applications: in my SE phone, in Google Calendar, in Lotus Notes Mail, and now I want it in iCal. Previously my SE Phone sync perfectly with Lotus Notes 7 in Windows XP world, and then I export the file to Google Calendar.

Now I have to perform 5 minutes effort every time to import the Calendar to iCal. First is you need to run Parallel Desktop and install Lotus Notes 7.0.2 as well as Sony Ericsson PC Suite version 1.2.15 (this version support sync with Notes 7), make sure you can sync calendar in both world.

Make sure you have been using Lotus Notes 7.0.2 because prior this version, exporting to iCal format is not supported.

The follow these steps to import the calendar to iCal:
1. Open your Lotus Notes Calendar
2. Open All Calendar Entries Tab instead of Day/Week/Month Tab View
3. Select entries you want to import to iCal (the stupidity of iCal is it couldn't check duplicate, so importing entries twice will result duplicate)
4. Choose menu File - Export - Save as type .ics
5. Copy the file to your Mac folder.
6. Open the .ics file using TextEdit
7. Find&Replace Time Zone (optional, see comment below)
8. Save the file
9. Open iCal Application
10. Choose menu File - Import, and select your file.
11. Import finish and you should see correct entry.

- You have to replace Time Zone if you notice time difference after importing calendar (you can undo importing and perform step 7 to fix this case. Try to export an iCal entry to ics and examine the X-WR-TIMEZONE and TZID value produced by Apple and Lotus Notes using TextEdit. If the value is exactly match then you can skip this step, but if not you have to replace all time zone with correct time zone expected by Apple.


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