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Well, I have just watched Heroes till episode 18th, the intense was so high but I haven't got next episodes. Waiting is very hard job right now. I can say this serial is very good and addictive. A worth watching tv series.

One of interesting character in the serial is Hiro Nakamura (played by Masi Oka). He is a Japanese that were mean to save the world with his special ability: bend time and space, doing teleport.  And now we have the interesting fact: Hiro has a blog! He wrote many side notes regarding his journey (along with actual episode). Now you can confused about who's writing the blog: Masi Oka or Hiro Nakamura. Well I think none of them, the blog must be wrote by someone else in the production company.

You can also view each episode from NBC Heroes 360 site ( , including viewing commentary, send your artwork (who knows your painting will be showing as Issac's future paintings), and exploring map owned by Suresh Mohinder :)


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