iView Media Pro 3

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Tired of using iPhoto for Mac, I tried to find a suitable photo browser and management software to replace it. After searching everywhere and sadly there ia no ACDSee for Mac, finally I found a software called iView Media Pro 3. Last year iView was acquired by Microsoft, then this June 2007 they just launched updated version called Microsoft Expression Media. And as usual, Microsoft ruined a good software into a mesh. They divide the software into 4 different licensing: Expression Web, Blend, Design, and Media (sigh...).

iView CatalogI downloaded original one from iView website, called iView MediaPro 3.1. It is an image browser, catalog, manage, and editor. Almost what I need is available, from photo browsing, cropping, resizing, rotating, and full-screen showing which iPhoto fails to perform. There are so many techie stuff in the application even I got a little confused to catch up. It is for an advanced user, by some effort can be used by everyone. I think that iView is the best image photo browser for Mac OS X in the market although it is not free.


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