The Cheapest Internet Provider Now Available: FastNet from FIRST Media

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first mediaThis is not an advertising post, just my great pleasure to let you know if you haven't read newspaper couple days ago. Internet Cable now available to Greater Jakarta region at a very low price. Rp 99,000 monthly subscription fee with unlimited access and up to 384 kbps is a very hot offer. Challenging Telkom Speedy should be done on this way, right? Unlimited download is on the way :)

Probably the company name is not familiar enough, but FIRST Media is a new company setup by Lippo Group, previously named as PT Broadband Multimedia Tbk, which offered KabelVision and Digital1 cable tv and internet service to home using Hybrid Coaxial Fiber Cable. All existing setup and infrastructure will be managed by this company. So if you are asking about reability, just ask to some friends who are subsribing to KabelVision or Digital1 internet. My friend who have been subscribing to Digital1doesn't have any major issue regarding reability of service. Existing Digital1 users are directly subscribed to 768 kbps package.

Below is the package they offered, I took directly from their site.

Product Name Speed in kbps Cable Modem Instalation Fee Price FastNet 384 up to 384 kbps Not Provided Free Rp 99.000 FastNet 512 up to 512 kbps Not Provided Free Rp 195.000 FastNet 768 up to 768 kbps Provided Free Rp 295.000

You can check in their site whether your home is covered in the coverage area, but basic rule is if you can subscribe to KabelVision then you are very ready to suscribe.

Practically you should have this service available at your home, and while you are mobile you still need to use Indosat 3G or Telkom Flash.


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