OS X Leopard available in ISO at BitTorrent (and can be installed in a PC!)

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Box24 hours after its launching, I tried to find ISO file at mininova.org and sadly only got 1 seeder. Then in Sunday night (GMT+7) I found that there are already hunders of seeder providing the latest Mac OS X 10.5. The file size is 6.56GB, fit into 2 DVD Single Layer. You need Nero or other burning tool to burn the ISO Image into DVD Disc.

Since my connection is just cable with 384kbps, I just can wait until torrent seeder reaches thousands before start downloading.

And for PC users, there is a good news I found in one's blog. Apparently someone has been trying to install OS X 10.5 Leopard into a PC computer and it is working. I cannot confirm since I haven't tried it (I only have a MacBook, not PC anymore :)  You can find step-by-step in this blog. Happy downloading and trying, you can post some comment at here if success/failure.
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