Operator Three (3) - How to Win Indonesian Market with Skypephone

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threeIt has been several months for GSM Operator 3 (operated by Hutchison) entered Indonesian market. First month of the launching was quite a hit and word-of-mouth. But recent months was quite difficult for 3 because they didn't offer something CATCHY and BIG as a new player (you can compared with Esia or Fren). Surely they couldn't compete in price level since many operators compete in price. It's time for them to adopt their success story in Europe in here.

Hutchison 3 U.K has just launched Skypephone, a handset designed to simplify use of the Skype VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application.

Offering free calls between Skype users through the 3G mobile phone via Internet connection, which goes on sale Friday in the U.K. Thus actually what is free is 3G Data Rate. By opting Data Rate and installing Skype in a phone, one can call Skype friend at no cost.

Some other mobile phones already support Skype, but volume-based data usage charges typically make the service expensive to use. Using Skype requires unlimited 3G data plans or Wi-Fi. Hutchison 3 is not charging for the cost of Skype calls on its network, although it does limit the service to about 4,000 minutes per month. Hutchison 3 will then suspend outgoing Skype calls but allow incoming ones. Purchasing the candy-bar phonewith 12 month contract is quite cheap compared to phone price itself.

So this is what I call winning point. Hutchison should sell this kind of offering in Indonesia. Don't play with marketing trap-hole. I believe it will be a big hit by offering cheap phone with long-term contract, freeing data rate for Skype meanwhile charging reasonable price for offnet calls.


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