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After several months delay, Pacific Place Jakarta is counting days for soft opening. Rumor said that it will have opening date as early as 22 November 2007. The name was purchased from Hong Kong Pacific Place. Opening Delay is okay when they can commit to open all stores simultaneously on the day, a good lesson from Senayan City opening. You can see that Grand Indonesia is lacking of this simultaneously opening concept.

The complex will consists of Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Office Towers, Condominium, and Pacific Place Shopping Mall.  Located at Jakarta SCBD, very near to Semanggi, next to JSX/BEJ Towers.

Ritz Carlon Hotel will be 5 stars hotel with luxury rooms and facilities. This photo was taken by someone, focused on the open air area on top of pacific place complex.


Still lack of information from officials and newspapers, but I believe KidZania and Blitz Megaplex will be the first ready to open. Flagship store will be M Pacific Place, managed by Metro, then will have Kemchick Supermarket, Electronic City (currently is adjacent to the complex) once was rumoured to move to this mal, too.

KidZania ( is a place for kids to play some roles in day life. Located at Level 6th of the mal, Consists of 3 zones: airport, city, and suburb. Airport is entrance zone before kids are taken to city to play, kids have to enter fake plane, to be told that they will fly to city, but actually just walk from nose to tail of plane. And suburb will host industries. Entrace ticket price will cost some bucks for parents, but I think it will be a reasonable price for middle-up class.


Balita (2-3 thn) : Rp. 75.000,-
Anak (4-13 thn) : Rp. 110.000,-
Dewasa (diatas 13 thn) : Rp. 90.000,-

Weekends and Holidays:
Balita (2-3thn) : Rp. 95.000,-
Anak (4-13 thn) : Rp. 150.000,-
Dewasa (diatas 13 thn) : Rp. 150.000,-
Blitz Megaplex ( at Pacific Place will also open at the date. It will have 8 auditoriums, lounge, as well as GameSphere similar to Blitz at Grand Indonesia. Just hope that this time their couch will be confortable enough to sit forhours long movie comparing to previous 2 places that are not comfortable (at least for me) at Grand Indonesia and Paris Van Java.

Okay then, can't wait for the opening. Yeah, with some many shopping centres at Jakarta, I still feel bored and not enough. Actually I need a fresh concept such as Grand Indonesia. Have you visited GI? Awesome if all stores are open, they have imitated al-fresco sidewalk dining, and FoodLuver is very cool place for dinner.


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