KRL Ciliwung Blue Line Route

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PT Kereta Api Daops 1 Jakarta,  Indonesia, has just operated a new circle line in Jakarta. The train equipped with Aircon, go in one direction only (yes, one way in a circle) in clockwise. Actually Ciliwung Blue Line is recondition train from Bekasi Express and Depok Express running on rail built by Dutch during the independence war!

Ciliwung Blue Line

Below is list of existing station where it stops. You can imagine the map right?

  • Manggarai
  • Sudirman
  • Karet
  • Tanah Abang
  • Duri
  • Angke
  • Kampung bandan
  • Kemayoran
  • Senen
  • Jatinegara
  • back to Manggarai

Ciliwung KRL Blue

The train capacity is 400 persons, going a circle let's say from Manggarai back to Manggarai again in almost 60 minutes.

Unfortunately we still cannot call it MRT because this circle line is only operated by 1 train, so you will always use the same one, and schedule just only once in an hour.

The schedule starts on 06.30, 07.30, 08.30, 09.30, then take a long nap till operating in afternoon 15.30, 16.30, 17.30, 18.30, 19.30. The fare is Rp 5000 but during promo (wow) it only cost you Rp3500. Some thought said that it will beintegrated with Transjakarta Busway in single tariff.

Without extensive publication and promotions, I don't believe it will get much hype and passengers, not to mention quality of each stations is not clean, representative and comfy. But let's take this as a good start.


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