Visit Indonesia? It would be better to Visit Bali 2008 only

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Visit Indonesia

Don't say if I'm not a nationalist. After living my entire life in Indonesia, I just can think a place in Indonesia as a tourist heaven: Bali. Other places are beautiful, but not much developed compared to Bali.

Indonesian Tourism just relaunch its website to promote year 2008 as Visit Indonesia year, if you know that 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year. The website is quite beautiful, but I think was built by some not-so-bright web developer. The website loading time is so slow because so many large images that were not compressed and resized. Although they display small but hi-res image, but it is not a wise solution. Total size for initial load if I can remember is 500KB, big isn't it huh?

The main function of the website is to describe tourism places in Indonesia, suggesting accommodation and local taste. A good start but could be better with additional information. I cannot find any visa information in it, etc etc.

But I like the image library section. It is a section containing photos from different part of Indonesia and you can save it as desktop wallpaper. And some other sections describing beautiful places in narrated story. Quite inspiring.

Hey, miss one thing. The website should be multilingual! English is international language but not so international that Japanese, Chinese, or Taiwanese can read. That's why Singapore Tourism Website offers  11 different languages to visitors. And after looking entire screen, finally I found language-switcher on very top of the screen, yeah.. available but not easy to reach. There are Indonesia, English, Deutsch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Netherlands.

Okay, Let's Go Indonesia..


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