Belah Mangga

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Another intermezzo: Musim Mangga here in Jakarta, so for the entire of the month, I get abundant of mangga: harum manis and manalagi.

Quite cheap, only 3000-3500/kg for Harum Manis and Rp 5500/kg for Manalagi.

Unfortunately, this time I got bad one of Manalagi, not to sweet but still okay lahh.

There are 2 ways to eat mango, first one (usually for self-consumtion) is to slice and remove its skin like shown in my pic. Hands will be bleach with mango water essence so that I told you to eat it for self-consumption only. The other one is by cutting direcly the fruit without removing its skin, then eat it directly (don't eat the skin lorrr). You can give other slices to other people since the mango is not contaminated to your hand (who knows what you touch before slicing mango :)

beLah Mangga


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