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Indonesia just have a new TV channel. This time it is internet-based TV On demand as I believe the first player in Indonesia. Its name is WOWtv at . All you need is internet broadband access in which I believe still a luxury thing even in Jakarta. So the market is very small because you can't offer this kind of TV to 3G Mobile phone users or to fixed-line Internet dial-up users.

You can subscribe by paying money for the channels. For example Basic Tier Package costs Rp 260.000 for a year for 12 channels. That is quite cheap for subscriber for a year. There is also 22 free channels that you can subscribe by filling application form. Another option is to choose pay per view using points.

For initial review, I just signed up for the free channel. Inputting my personal detail (I don't know why they need my home address), finally all was set. And niamahh... It just didn't play ! I'm using Mozilla Firefox 3.0 beta (minefield) and it just didn't work! Sigh... fortunately this is free account. I can't believe that they offer something that just don't work. I was a bit lazy to try using another browser, but I assume it would be the same.

So just have to come back to the site couple days ahead and try my luck. Meanwhile for you to try, make sure you have unlimited internet data package before trying to subscribe to this service, even free service.


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