Free Wireless @ Changi Airport

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I am in project business trip to Papua New Guinea from 14 Apr - 5 May. Hope still have time to post some blogs.

Now I am in transit at Singapore. Having arriving in noon at Changi, spend some hours walking without destination in city, now I am sitting in Terminal 1 Departure Hall. And shit, my flight is delayed one hour. Check-in counters haven't open yet, so I just stuck in the hall. I plan to have dinner in the transit hall, so I just keep my stomach quiet :(

Luckily there's Wireless@SG Free wireless facilities in entire building. Unfortunately I entered wrong GSM number link to my correct passport number so my registration was stuck in the middle of nowhere (they sent password to GSM number worldwide, but I typed wrong country code!, no way to correct this).

Then I switch my GSM to StarHub, type *WIFI in the phone, and an SMS sent to me immediately with username and password). Then pointed my laptop wifi to "ACCESS-StarHub", and yes now I typed this blog using free internet while downloading some video clips.


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