OpenOffice 3.0 Beta

Klook Kode Kupon Promo 2020 just launched their office suite version 3.0 beta! And the good news for Mac users: it is native for Intel and fully Aqua look.

Tried previous version 2.0, I concluded it was to slow and buggy. But this time after I downloaded OpenOffice 3.0 beta (160+MB), I think I like this freeware. Loading application is pretty fast (can be compared with loading Pages/Numbers or Ms Office for Mac). Most documents created from Ms Office can be loaded and displayed correctly. It support Open Document format, as well as Ms Office 2007 document type.

I recommend this OpenOffice as your replacement for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. No point using expensive software just to write documentation or simple spreadsheet. Unless you are working at Financial institutions, need sophisticated charts to impress our boss' ass, then you may use Ms Office.

And just to remind you about the price. The price for this software is FREE. So why you still stick with and pay for Ms Office license?


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