English Service Sunday Mass in Jakarta

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Last Sunday I went to St. Theresia Catholic Church in Menteng Jakarta. It held English Service sunday mass on 11am for catholic community, mainly attended by expatriates and foreigners who live in Jakarta such as Americans, Africans (a lot), and Filipinos. If you are Indonesian do not worry losing tongue, just come and try as long as you are familiar with English.

For those of you don't know the place, it is located one block behind Sarinah building in Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Stop at Sarinah Busway, walk 3 minutes along the Sunda Road between Sarinah and Embassy of France, at the road end you should see it. Parking car was horrible, so better to park a bit far and have some walk since the location is very green and convenient.

Mass was delivered by Indonesian priest who speak fluent English, all songs in English. And don't worry about lyrics, all songs' lyrics are printed and can be grabbed in front door.

Not to mention after mass you can have delicious Gelato in Pisa Cafe, directly opposite the church!

After so many years attending same ritual in Indonesian languange, I found myself refreshed not only by its atmosphere but also in prayers and songs. Amen.


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