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My Rating: 8 of 10

The X-Files
2008 For X-Files fans out there, I strongly recommend this movie. Don't bother with other reviews and critics. This movie is realy an X-Files, bring back your memory of watching X-Files TV episodes, but this time in longer format. I cannot tell more about movie synopsis cause it will ruin your expectation, just sit and follow the plot.

This is a standalone plot apart from conspiracy and alien abduction, telling a story about pursuing an FBI agent that was kidnapped misteriously with help of a Catholic Father. Fox Mulder continues his quest for the truth, and Dana Scully, an intelligent physician, remains tied to Mulder's pursuits.

It will satisfy your old school dream about Fox and Scully relationship, also suspense in its investigation as well as enough time to introduce Fox and Scully to younger generation of non X-Files tv series watchers.

Unlike the first movie in 1998 about conspiracy and some confusing plots, this movie only bring back Fox, Scully and Skinner in a simpler story, like a detective movie with mistery and suspense but starred by X-Files casts. No Cigarette-Smoking man and no Well-manicured man appeared in this movie. I guess after six year of putting this movie project in the shelf, 20th Century Fox didn't give enough big budget for creator and director Chris Carter to shoot.

And again, just watch it.


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