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TVRI is Indonesia Official TV Broadcaster for Beijing Olympic 2008

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Hey, see these cutes figures in Google Doodle image today. They are Beijing 2008 Olympic Mascott.

Finally, TVRI - Indonesian state-owned and oldest TV channel, stood up and took responsible of airing Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games. So it can claim as "Indonesia Official TV Beijing 2008 Olympic" or "Stasiun TV resmi Olimpiade Beijing 2008", and it is always be a FREE channel.

When all other public TV stations couldn't find commercial advantage in bidding and airing olympic games since  they might be thinking about rating would be low and hard to get sponsors, this is the time for TVRI to show off as a subsidized TV station and serve for Indonesian people.

I think sponsors and advertising spots would be very few, but this is called government-subsidized and TV as social mission, isn't it? When was the last time you watch TVRI channel? it might be a looong time ago. So this is the time for it to be back into public attention.

TVRI plans to air 132 hours worth of games, from morning, afternoon, and recap on night (I think around 9.30 after "Dunia Dalam Berita"). Some of them will be live broadcasted such as Boxing and Badminton games.

To see complete list of games to be aired by TVRI, you can download it from here --> Jadwal Siaran Olimpiade Beijing TVRI (PDF from

Tonight Olympic Opening Ceremony, will be held on 08-08-2008, time is 08:08 PM, will be broadcasted live by TVRI starting from 07.30PM. Don't miss it!

Note: If you have satellite dish, you can turn into Chine state-owned channels: CCTV-1 and CCTV-2 for 24-hour olympic coverage, another one is CCTV-Olympic in which dedicated channel for it but I don't know its frequency.


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