Jakarta in a fresh morning

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Late post, but worth telling.

On Oct 29th, 2008, clear sky in the morning of Jakarta. A very rare happening in Jakarta that we could see mountains stood on southern part of Jakarta seen from Jakarta West. After heavy rain from night before, Jakarta air was become cleaner.

Examine 2 photos below carefully, see mountain behind buildings. Photos were taken on 7am in the morning, a bit late because it was clearer on 6.30am. And unfortunately on 7.30am they completely disappeared by pollution again.


I've seen a Jakarta postcard, presumably taken on year eighties, a vivid Jakarta sky with Gunung Salak as a background. The postcard could not be found anywhere again except from collectors.

So, Let's make our world a better place, greener and livable. So in near future we can have those scenaries every morning.


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