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Apple should have seen huge demand of Apple related products in Indonesia here. These couple latest year we can see that fast growing of Apple reseller store opening in high-class shopping centres.

First success move was to open its Authorized Apple Service Provider (AASP), that is a place to service all your broken iPods and Macbook in Indonesia. The store is located at Ratu Plaza, Jakarta.

Then there is Apple AppStore for Indonesia customer. You can see that by opening your iTunes, go to iTunes Store and change country to Indonesia. Although we can't buy music and videos, but we only can buy applications and games for our lovely iPod.

And now on 11 Nov, Apple opens its Apple Online Store for Indonesia.

Currently it sells all Apple products and will ship to Indonesia address without shipping fee if purchase above IDR 700,000. It uses Indonesia Rupiah currency, although I'm not sure how it bills credit card.

We can browse for latest iPod Nano, iPod Touch 2nd Generation, latest metal-body Macbook and Macbook Pro. But unfortunately iPhone is still not for sell here :)

Latest iPod Touch 8GB is sold at IDR 3,399,000. A bit expensive considering US price is USD 229. It might be caused by currency converter they use ( USD 1 = IDR 14000 ??).

iPod Nano 8GB is sold at price IDR 2,199,000. While if you check price for similar item is USD 159. Hmm, one plus point of ordering online from Apple store is you can ask for free laser engraving on the back of your ordered iPod.

I suspect that this online store is actually extention of Singapore store, because telephone and support are using Singapore country code (+65).So don't be surprice if you order from Online store but shipping comes from our dearest neighbour country.

If you read latest news about Steve Jobs, Apple Founder, that he is gearing up his private jet again to travel around the world, rumour says that he is in negotiation with some mobile phone carrier in new countries to launch iPhone 3G. Rumour also said that Telkomsel will seal agreement with Apple to sell iPhone 3G for Telkomsel Halo post-paid subscriber, but still no confirmation.

Hope iPhone will be coming soon to Indonesia. How can we see African countries listed in iPhone rolling plan but Indonesia is not listed at all ?


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