Netbooks Review at a Glance: HP Mini 1000 and Lenovo IdeaPad S10

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We love netbooks, it is small compact and light. Won't drain your power when carrying it to nearest cafe or campus. I've wrote about Axioo Pico several months ago, and now let's see my review on two new branded netbooks that just launched. One from HP and the other one from Lenovo.

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Review

Although they don't claim it as a netbook (they call it mini-notebook), believe me- it is.

Lenovo IdeaPad

Inspired by the design of Acer Aspire One, Lenovo makes it bigger. 10.2-inch, 1024-by-600-resolution display will satisfy your eyes. 3-cell battery lasts for 2.5 hours, enough for common activities.

According to PCWorld benchmark, IdeaPad S10 beats the competitors (Asus Eee PC1000 and MSI Wind) in terms of speed and performance. It is sold in Indonesia for IDR 5,490,000 (must be around USD 500).

S10  comes with OneKey Recovery, a backup and emergency-restore program Lenovo has licensed from CyberLink. The full-featured software allows you to store complete images of your hard drive and create your own custom restore discs to bring your system back from a total crash.

Another nice feature is integrated 4-in-1 card reader on the left side as a trade of 2 USB ports (instead of 3 in others)

Key specifications:

  • Intel Atom 1.6GHz
  • XP Home included
  • 160GB SATA Harddisk
  • 10" WSVGA screen
  • Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Card Reader

HP Mini 1000 Review

Launched in Jakarta on 8 January 2009, this HP netbook brings us hope to afford for a cheap computing device yet reliable. As I was a user of HP Compaq Notebook, I just can say that I am a happy customer.

HP Mini

Same with Lenovo S10, HP Mini 1000 comes with 10.2" screen, weight less than a kilogram, thick less than an inch. It is sold at abouve USD 500 price, a barrier that separate cheap netbooks and real notebooks.

The HP Mini 1000’s keyboard is one of the best of netbooks, it is 92 percent size and perfect position to match with a real notebook's.

Its 3 cell battery lasts for 3 hours, it also has integrated SD Card reader. The only other software preloaded on the Mini 1000 is HP’s webcam software and Microsoft Works Suite.

Key Specifications:

  • Intel Atom 1.6GHz
  • Windows XP Home
  • Intel 945GSE Express integrated graphics chip 64MB
  • 10.2" screen
  • Wifi
  • SD Card reader

So, which one will you choose?


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