E-Toll Card: a new way to pay Toll Road fee in Jakarta

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As recently I traveled across Jakarta using inner-circle toll road (a.k.a Jalan Tol Dalam Kota), I noticed that stickers on toll gates promoting E-Toll Card as a new mean of payment. Although no device installed in those gates, I assumed that it would be implemented soon.

Jasa Marga E-Toll

E-Toll Card is issued by Jasa Marga as response to simplity and quick payment on the gates. It works as other contactless cards like BCA Flazz or Gazcard, just tap it on its reader in toll gate then you can go. But in Jasa Marga procedure, you have to hand the card to gate staff, then he/she will determine your vehicle class, he taps to the reader and give you back the card with receipt.

This card will be accepted on any toll roads operated by PT. Jasa Marga, PT. Marga Mandalasakti dan PT. Citra Marga Nusaphala Persada, that is inner-city toll road (Tol Dalam Kota), Ir. Sedyatmo (Tol Bandara), Cikampek tol, and also Jagorawi. But for initial test, it will only be accepted at:

a. Cawang - Tomang - Cengkareng
b. Cawang - Tanjung Priok - Pluit
c. Cikupa - Merak

Where to buy E-Toll Card?

E-Toll card is sold in any Bank Mandiri branches (at least this is what they told), with minimum balance IDR 10,000 and maximum is IDR 1,000,000.  Indomaret retail store and major SPBU will be starting to sell and top-up balance on March 2009. Other places to buy is Jasa Marga head office, CNMP head office, Gerbang Tol Kapuk, Halim, and Cengkareng.

The card can be top-up in any Mandiri ATM, EDC, and also other electronic channel offered by Mandiri such as Internet banking, you can also buy and refill this card on Indomaret starting from 15 March 2009.

As you probaby ever heard the news, Bank Niaga was the winner for bidding the project, but somehow it was cancelled and awarded to Bank Mandiri.

Soon, this card can also be used to pay for gasoline/oil in major SPBU and to pay parking fee, and of course to pay for snacks in Indomaret.

Hm In my opinion, if Jasa Marga wants to accelerate card's acceptance, they should also cooperate with Bank BCA. BCA has millions of customer based, tenth-thousands of EDC and ATM in Jakarta, these two banks will cover more than half population.


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