Acqua Alta in Venezia

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Jakarta flood... arghh that make us inconvenience. This last two weeks proves to us that governor does nothing. Traffic jams, car breaking, and don't forget about big holes in every roads.

But in Venice (Venezia), Italy, atol-made city that is known as water-city, is also suffered from acqua alta (high water) these days. Although it is a nature disaster, higher water can be categorized as flodd and means we are into a doom era where global warming has been taking place. At some parts, sea-level water in Venice reaches 123cm high. Yes, Venice is sinking! The phenomenon occurs mainly between fall and spring but not every year.

See different in normal condition (my own photo taken last year) and high water condition (7 Feb 09, by Associated Press) in bay area in front of San Marco Square. (Sorry, no blank picture, this is what I have - including me & wife in photo)

Venice BAD

In this condition, travelling and staying in Venice will be a bit tough since vaporetto (water-bus) might not be operated on schedule, guests tend to stay in hotels all the time, in short: tourism is suspended.


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