New Travel Blog Series: Guide to Hong Kong

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After I completed my long and exhausting posts about Panduan Jalan Hemat ke Eropa (Europe Travel Guide), I suddenly felt lost of motivation to blog. My aim was achieved by writing about 18 pages of travel guide to european cities, of course in Indonesian language. While English translation is still in hold, I don't have power again to write.

And then I set a new target again to write the other guides, this time is about Panduan Jalan Hemat ke Hong Kong - Macau, and will be followed by Panduan Jalan Hemat ke Shanghai in future.

Wow, suddenly got my motivation back, but this time must be controlled because recently I'm very busy in work and busy to sit my baby daughter in home. Sigh..

Okay, just read them, and hope you'll get useful information.


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