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If you drive from Soekarno Hatta Jakarta Airport back to city, just after Terminal 2 - in the left side you'll see a new building ready to operate. That is the brand new Terminal 3 of Soekarno Hatta Airport (a.k.a CGK - Cengkareng Airport).

The building is ready to open this month and solely used by Indonesia AirAsia for domestic flights. Mandala Airlines will also operate from Terminal 3 in near future. This minimalistic and full of glass building is kind of smaller compared to Terminal 1, but adequate for low-cost airlines base. The design is also different from existing terminals, leaving the old and culture-rich style design to modern-look design, just like Sultan Hassanudin Airport in Makassar.

This airport is said to be able to host Airbus A380 (reaaallly?), let's see later.

Still no official news (from airport operator) besides today advertising from AirAsia that they will move from T1 to T3 on 15 April, but I think there will be airport shuttles (from Damri) and taxi with same route as terminal 1 and T2.

While Terminal 4 will be just under planning, we'll hope that there will be connectivity between T1 to T2 to T3 using skytrain, no no no again .. we don't want additional inter terminal shuttle buses. The train line from city to Cengkareng Airport is still under development (or hold?), but we can see the future of this airport from below plan (taken from Angkasapura website): Magenta color area is Terminal 3, while Green area is planned Terminal 4.

Just like tagline in the ads: Now everybody can fly..


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