Travelling to Iceland

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As one of European counties, Iceland has ben ranked as one of the most expensive destination for Americans and rest of the world. No wonder usually Iceland is not included in people's itinerary.

But recently as its economy collapse in late 2008, prices in Iceland have been falling up to 50 percent from normal.

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What is Iceland capital city? Prepare your tongue to spell Reykjavik. It is quite big at you need several days to explore it. Car rental which started at USD 200 last year now is less 30%, not to mention lodging and hotels.

Iceland (you know why they put ice in the name) also has dry weather, that is found in May and June with 22 hours of daylight, 2 hours of twilights). But non peak season is at late September, tough daylight only last about seven hours.

Flight to Iceland served by Iceland Express and IcelandAir. While Iceland Express is more for intra Europe such as from London, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Bologna, etc. The IcelandAir fly to New York, Boston, and many cities in North America in addition to Eropean cities. From London, flight cost start from GBP 65.

Source from National Geograhic Traveler Magazine.


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