Say Goodbye to Viva Macau Airlines

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Like a thunder in the bright sky, that's how I felt when reading a news about Viva Macau Airlines (ZG). Government has suspended Viva Macau operation due to several issues.


Viva Macau cancelled all flights from March 28, 2010 because unable to pay fuel bill to their supplier. Crisis has hit hard on airlines industry, and Viva Macau is one of them although it has support from Macau Government. This will hit Macau Tourism pretty hard because Viva Macau brings a lot of tourists to Macau by its budget flights.

Then for Indonesia tourists, now we don't have direct flight to Macau from Jakarta. Usually this is the cheapest way to reach Hong Kong (via Macau). Now the other alternatives to Macau with budget airlines is by flying with JetStar (via Singapore), AirAsia (via Kuala Lumpur), and Tiger Airways (via Singapore). Or fly directly to Hong Kong from now.

Visiting Viva Macau website, it publishes official statement as follows.

Viva Macau - Office Closure

April 06, 2010

As a direct result of the revocation of the Viva Macau Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) – a globally unprecedented event in international aviation – Viva Macau is now seeking legal advice for an orderly and responsible winding down of the business.

Viva Macau’s office is now closed. For any passenger inquiries, please contact the Macau Government Crisis Center at:

Tourism Crisis Management Office
Alameda Dr. Carlos
Edificio “Hot Line”, 14 andar, Macau
Telephone: +853 2872 3993
Fax: +853 2872 2726
Web site:

Japan: +090 3220 5564
Jakarta: +62 21 8370 5913
Sydney: +61 2 8267 7212
Ho Chi Minh: +84 90 393 5134
Hanoi: +84 9133 20993


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