Special Fare from Qatar Airways to Europe

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Qatar Airways, one of the 5-star airlines based on Doha, is launching special fare to many Europe destinations in this summer holiday.

Going to Europe this summer will be more expensive than last year. Euro currency is gaining strength over time from USD, now traded 1.46 from US Dollar makes a cup of cappucino last year is now only worth a cup of espresso if your based currency is on US Dollar (or other pegged currency like Hong Kong Dollar), but this is happy story for other bullish Asian countries. The other thing is oil price increase, thus kind of tough task to get cheap return ticket to Europe.

If you plan to fly to Europe from Jakarta / Singapore before 31 July 2011, you'd better be hurry to book Qatar Airways ticket. Full service airlines, good meals (my experience), short transit in Doha, and don't forget about in-flight personal entertainment to kill long flight time.

See if this is one of your destination: Milan (US \$957), Geneve (\$958), Rome (\$959), Brussels (\$971), and Zurich (\$980).

On above \$1000 range is to Munich (\$1032), Frankfurt (\$1047), and London (\$1121). All prices are economy class, return fare, and including taxes.

The offer ends in 15 June 2011, and only applicable for booking via Qatar Airways Online


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