Indosat Matrix Auto: is it worthed?

What makes Indonesian phone users afraid of postpaid service is afraid of over use of calls. Calling without limit will make people unaware that they have spend a lot of money just for chit chat. Then Matrix Auto should be a solution for that. It is basically GSM postpaid based, but with limit. Different from current Matrix, this Matrix Auto is based on IM3, thus number prefix will be 0855. You can decide the limit on registration, let's say Rp 200,000. Then after use the card and reach that limit you will be reminded that it will switch to pre-paid mode. That means you must refill or top-up the card with IM3 voucher obtained from street vendors.

All rates will be flat for postpaid and prepaid, that is Rp 85/second to call Indosat mobiles.  Is that cheap? Let's continue reading..

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