Lego City at Senayan: The biggest in Asia

Took my chance to Senayan City Shopping Mall yesterday (Dec 9), there were exhibition from Lego that claimed the biggest constructed Lego City in Asia, well I might be believe the claim. See my taken pics. There were also Lego-constructed Darth Vader in Lego Star War edition. I estimated it was 10 by 10 metres size lego complex not to mention how many bricks to build this city. Some of the bricks were constructed by school children.

There were 8 tall towers built by bricks, long train rail, memorial site, a lot of vessels, airport plus aircrafts, and hundreds of Lego characters. Most of the building were built with Lego City Box (see Lego Oficial Site), I think it is more fun than playing SimCity 4000 right?

Don't envy lorr since it was the exhibition last day. If you miss the chance, how bout build one in your home?

Lego 1

Wanna see more pictures? Warning: large size images inside.

Bak Kut Teh in Malaysia

Searching for best bak kut teh (BKT) is not easy across Malaysia. Also it is very subjective so recommendation from others may or may not be accepted. Forget to post this one during my visit to Singapore Malaysia last July.

Okay, so far I love Bak Kut Teh at Melaka …

Being Streetwalker

Walking in Jakarta sometimes has some fun and joy. As my recent work at Jakarta Ring 1 Area, near Monas, I have been enjoying its well-built pedestrian. Park my car at IRTI (Monas Car Park), then have to cross Medan Merdeka Selatan. You have to park your car at IRTI …

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