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Kalender Libur 2016 dan iCal

Kalender Libur Indonesia 2016

Siap-siap untuk ambil cuti tahun depan. Jadwal hari libur 2016 sudah keluar... Tinggal masukkan ke dalam kalender fisik supaya kita bisa planning kapan mau ambil cuti, atau pas promo tiket murah airlines kita sudah punya ancar-ancar.

Rutin Javamilk juga sudah update kalender versi iCal yang bisa Anda pakai, subscribe atau share ke teman lain.

jika Anda memakai Calendar iCal di komputer Mac, atau menggunakan calendar Lotus Notes, Google Calendar, Outlook, calendar di smartphone seperti iPhone dan Android, dan gadget lainnya, sebenarnya ada fitur subscribe calendar sehingga daftar libur ini bisa update otomatis. Ingin tahu caranya?

Get Ready for Mac OS 10.6

Apple Mac OS X 10.6, known as Snow Leopard, will be released tomorrow, on August 28th 2009.

This is not a free upgrade for Mac users. USD 29 if you are trying to upgrade from Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Or you can purchase Mac Box Set - a bundle of Mac OS X 10.6 + iLife 09 + iWork 09 for only USD 169 altogether.


How To Resolve Macbook Problem: OS X Leopard cannot boot

Using my Macbook for one and half year now, crash it several times (cannot count anymore), installed countless of fresh OS X 10.5.

Okay, now hope my post below will save your ass and precious time.

Your Mac OS X Issues

If you have problem like below:

  • Cannot start up Mac OS X Leopard, freeze on start up
  • Never get into login screen, or stop in the gray Apple screen
  • After booting, go to gray screen, wait a long time, and mac is shut down by itself.

It might be caused by failed update (you tried to update 10.5.2 to 10.5.x) or some system files corrupted, or some devices failed to load.

MacBook vs MacBook Air

Macbook Air

Cool huh? compared to Sony Viao, the new MacBook Air looks very slim. See if you really want to dump Apple MacBook for Macbook Air. This site offers those products comparison.

The significant thing is you won't have DVD drive attached! See photos taken from flicker

http://www.four77.com …

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