Om Farhan back to radio, now in Delta FM

It's been a while I missed Farhan, tv and radio host. Since his late night show 'Om Farhan' losts it grip and attention from Empat Mata show (hosted by Tukul Arwana), we don't see Farhan much. Since his career rose from Prambors to Cosmopolitan FM, then his tv appearance made …

Sun Buys MySQL

As usual, a good thing might turn worse in wrong hand. As Sun Microsystems plans to buy MySQL AB for USD 1 billion (yes, b, not m) you might think what the future is. According to Sun, MySQL market domination is around 80% while Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle take … : A New Detikcom Contender

Just get a link to a new website :

It is basically a starting-up internet online news, a contender for which has been exist for nearly 10 years. Its website design and navigation also 'very similar'  to detikcom (its Advertising banner is also very annoying, thanks to …

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