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First time I got a credit card, my feeling was so great. It was a silver card from HSBC. People says the first one is the hardest one to get, and that is true. After that, several cards could be applied easily.

Then the gold card came to my wallet in 2002. Confidence level was up several times since then, and it has been 4 years that I have 2-3 gold cards. And the time had come when I applied and received the platinum card last month.

But the feeling was very different - No boost in confidence at all. The feeling was not the same like I got an upgrade from silver to gold card. Platinum Card I applied doesn't give added value for me - even does not fit into me.

Then I start to think that the platinum card should be given by bank - not be applied by customer. Same like status of a king: A true king is a person who got his crown from his loyal fellow, not by overtaking the crown.


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