Break Up

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Switching between local tv channels really made me sick. From 11 channel picked, 5 were playing advertisement slot, 3 in indonesian dull tv series, left only 3 channels for me to watch. Actually only 1 channel is interesting enough. So turn off the TV and said: "it's enough, you are not taking care of my feeling and interest, we have to break up".

Was it that easy to break up with TV channels, that have been accompanying you year after year, in your happiness and sadness, filled your mind with fantasy, gave you huge amount of conversation matter with your friends? And you turned into something new toy, even you didn't know how long it would last?

What I know is that TV channels will stand there, play all tapes they have, no matter you like them or not. Because that is called consistent, always available when needed, your partner in your home, sometimes they are dull, not funny, ignorant, but most of the time they try hard to entertain you, listen to you, wait for your attention and phone, in a way that sometimes you
don't know and aware, in a way that may be you don't understand.

And like I said before, they are always be there.


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