World Police

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There might be only 2 countries in this world who think that Israel is good. US and British. What about other countries? US Allies might support US standing because of their highly dependency to US, but in their deepest heart can't lie. This two countries really support all Israeli actions against Lebanon, and we can do nothing to stop them.

Is it very difficult to break US supremacy? I think Yes. If several countries attack US at once, it will not win. So how to stop this country from being so rude and self-proclaimed World Police? The answer is : it will be destroyed from inner side.

When their economic deficit is so huge and inflation is high, it's the time of destruction. When the rest of the world does not hold US Currency as standard currency and sell their bonds back to US, we will know that this country has been developing using money they print all the time without calculating the inflation risk. When their economy collapse, there will be useless use their power to control the world, to develop nuclear weapons, etc. They will enter great recession again, and Asia will take control, especially China.

Welcome to the age of Chinese Empire.


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