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Several months ago shocked by the power of web 2.0, EditGrid is able to provide spreadsheet application on the web browser, then Google to add spreadsheet to its portfolios, then I thought that the complete office suite could be ported to web browser, which will definitely give a new way to compete with Microsoft Office. And the best thing of all is all of them is free on web.

Today I just found a site to provide word-processor, that is . It is not complete and powerful yet, but now it is only time can tell. And I believe Google soon to add this kind of application. And at that time, Google will have : Email, Calendaring, Page Publisher, Word-processor, Spreadsheet, and of course search engine across these applications. And again, all of them are free. We only need to wait for broadband access on every home, this is the future for Indonesia, the present in Korea and Japan.

Face a tough competition huh Mic?


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