GMail Theme Feature

GMail is now rolling out new and nice feature for millions of users. We can apply predefined theme to GMail, and believe me they all are many and nice looking.

One of my favourite is a terminal-like theme. This can make my screen very look like an AS400 dump terminal …

I did it

Ahah.. not so important, but just a little self-achievement. I got my new certificate, can be called as "Mozilla Firefox 3 Certified Downloader" :)
Free Image Hosting at

The certificate was given because I participated in Firefox 3 download on its launching date (Firefox Download Day: 6/17/08). FYI, Firefox 3 was downloaded by …

Sun Buys MySQL

As usual, a good thing might turn worse in wrong hand. As Sun Microsystems plans to buy MySQL AB for USD 1 billion (yes, b, not m) you might think what the future is. According to Sun, MySQL market domination is around 80% while Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle take … : A New Detikcom Contender

Just get a link to a new website :

It is basically a starting-up internet online news, a contender for which has been exist for nearly 10 years. Its website design and navigation also 'very similar'  to detikcom (its Advertising banner is also very annoying, thanks to …

Happy Birthday to Google

Reading its official blog, I've just noticed that it has been 8 years we have been using Google. Huh.. it can be a short time but also long time. Imagine from zero to billionaire in just couple years, from search engine to webmail to spreadsheets.

I always love all the …

Office Suite on the Web

Several months ago shocked by the power of web 2.0, EditGrid is able to provide spreadsheet application on the web browser, then Google to add spreadsheet to its portfolios, then I thought that the complete office suite could be ported to web browser, which will definitely give a new …

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