Happy Birthday to Google

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Reading its official blog, I've just noticed that it has been 8 years we have been using Google. Huh.. it can be a short time but also long time. Imagine from zero to billionaire in just couple years, from search engine to webmail to spreadsheets.

I always love all the innovations they've been creating, it revolutionize the way we use computer in these days. They don't need to depend on one platform, instead they only need a browser! to perform all computing requirement. That's the smartest way to compete with Microsoft: you slash from the sides, not face to face competition.

Gmail, Gtalk, Picasa, Spreadsheet, Groups, Calendar, what else will come? Without your notice, they all will be bundled into one suite, that is even more complete than Ms. Office and the best of all is FREE. Of course they have ads, but have you notice that their ads are just text-based, even you may not notice that they are on your screen.


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