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Finally I got my MacBook (3/16). Well, all I can say is after using this Mac I will dump my Windows XP. Let me describe one by one. Technically, it is a white MacBook, with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz and 1 GB SO-DIMM Memory, with Max OS X Tiger 10.4.8 as software bundling.

First, let me describe the packaging first. As I have used several laptop brands (Toshiba, Compaq, HP, Sony Vaio), I never feel excitement of opening packaging of a new laptop. Usually just open the brown (cheap) box, removing all plastics and styrofoam, take out laptop and turn it on. No, MacBook has a different feeling. Once I open the brown box, the shiny white box appears. It is a white box with outstanding printing and materials, that was just the start of journey.

Alist and

Opening the white box, I met a styrofoam with "MacBook" text crafted. What the interesting is the smell. Yup, I thought it was from the styrofoam, but after careful inspection, I think it was from plastic packaging. The smell really made me feel comfortable. Opening and finding each item was well-placed in the box, then you'll be sure that you are dealing with computer manufacturer that puts design in the first place. Each item are carefully designed and produced. The adaptor is quite small and light, with magnetic plug that will immediately unplug from a Mac if accidentally pulled without affecting the Mac position. The manual book is quite informative plus a bonus. I got 2 stickers of Apple Logo (later I stick it at my car).

Okay, let's continue. Uncovering the wrap I found the white MacBook. I can't describe more other than keep smiling and amused. Shining and glowing white Mac, approx. 2 kg weight. After opening the MacBook's flip. pressing the power button, the real excitement just started.

After initial easy setup, I entered the desktop and saw the dock. That's it. (Have you ever installed a new Windows XP, that after the first welcome screen it will keep screaming: Your computer is at risk, blah blah blah? Scary isn't it, how can it be at risk just after installing a new XP. Then popups some annoying balloons at the task bar) Hey, the Mac just works calmly and quietly (no harddisk led indicator actually so i don't know when the harddisk is working and spinning).
Playing around for couple hours, I kept smiling and amused. Some small thing but interesting, for example Minimize' animation , pressing F9 to show all windows, etc. Actually just need several minutes to get used to this new system, and I feel like I have already used it for a long time.
Well, definitely I will recommend this to anyone. You don't have to be expert to use this Mac (if you ever compared to Linux then you are wrong). The software collections is huge, and the open-source or freeware stuffs are also huge.

See my MacBook sat together with Sony Ericsson M600i. Cool white :)

MacBook and Sony Ericsson


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