Pertamina to Launch BioPremium on August 17th 2008

Although it has been a while available at certain gas stations in Jakarta, BioPremium hasn't found its place in drivers' mind. The main cause is It has been difficult to find.

So next week, Aug 17th, along with Indonesia Independece Day Pertamina will lauch BioPremium in a greater size and impact. This oil product is said will boost octan number to 90 from normal 88 in Premium but I could not found this fact from Pertamina website.

Telkomsel You’ve Got Mail

Notes: This article's Indonesian translation available at Teknolagi.

Telkomsel has just launched new campaign called Telkomsel You've Got Mail. I call it as campaign because the promo was not a new thing. Basically Telkomsel provides mobile email client program (J2ME Java-based) for customer that can POP3 or IMAP from any …

Welcome Three Operator..

Glad to hear that Hutchison Group will operate their mobile network in Jakarta soon. Branding with name "3" - Three (applies to other countries too: UK, Australia), I believe it will bring a new competition to existing 'local' GSM operator (XL, Indosat, Telkomsel). With international expertise and competitive pricing, it will …

Breaking the Cage

Finally I got my MacBook (3/16). Well, all I can say is after using this Mac I will dump my Windows XP. Let me describe one by one. Technically, it is a white MacBook, with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz and 1 GB SO-DIMM Memory, with Max OS X Tiger 10.4.8 as software bundling.

First, let me describe the packaging first. As I have used several laptop brands (Toshiba, Compaq, HP, Sony Vaio), I never feel excitement of opening packaging of a new laptop. Usually just open the brown (cheap) box, removing all plastics and styrofoam, take out laptop and turn it on. No, MacBook has a different feeling. Once I open the brown box, the shiny white box appears. It is a white box with outstanding printing and materials, that was just the start of journey.

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