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Notes: This article's Indonesian translation available at Teknolagi.

Telkomsel has just launched new campaign called Telkomsel You've Got Mail. I call it as campaign because the promo was not a new thing. Basically Telkomsel provides mobile email client program (J2ME Java-based) for customer that can POP3 or IMAP from any mail servers that support that protocols.

Annoying thing is you will be charged on monthly basis for using the email client. I don't know who develop the application, but they have branded the program with name Telkomsel You've Got Mail. Monthly subscription fee is Rp 150000, expensive and not to mention GPRS fee is excluded (Rp 12/kB). To activate this service, users have to dial *969#.

In this freeware and open-source era actually we don't need such payware. There are a lot of freeware J2ME program that can do exactly or better POP email. GMailis the best in the market if you have Google Mail account, but it is not a POP3 client. By googling a bit in the web I could find mMail, vimoMail, or even you don't have to find it since many smartphones already have such program pre-installed in Symbian (Nokia, SE M600i, P990i, W950, W920), Windows Mobile (Dopod, Samsung i600), PalmOS (Treo,etc).

So do you still need Telkomsel You've Got Mail?


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