Jogging Track Planned on Kelapa Gading

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Last week I went to Kelapa Gading Mall for some purposes. On my way home, I passed boulevard circle between East Boulevard and West Boulevard, just noticed that one corner in East Boulevard had been blocked and had a sign telling "Jogging Track is coming soon". It will be built by Summarecon and Local Government. No information about when it will open for public.

Well, a good start for that crowded and busy place. Then people will have sanctuary place and walking/jogging habit. By having walking habit, people will demand more on pedestrian walk beautification.

If you cross Tomang Interchange, you can also find a park with jogging track on the corner before entering Jakarta - Merak freeway. It is said built completely by government and managed by a private company. This 3-acres park, named Taman Asean,  is a nice place to get rest in the middle of city although it has small place of car parking.


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