Album Review: Jay Chou - On The Run

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Jay Chou On The
RunA long awaiting album finally came up yesterday, latest album of Jay Chou ??? named On The Run which is taken from first tract title Cowboy on the run (????). It is released on Nov 2, 2007 but has already been available at torrent download and forum site since night Nov 1.

I recommend you to clear away any expectations from your mind. This album is very fresh in music and style meanwhile still retain Jay's unique singing technique. You should not compare it to previous albums as I think Jay also tries to do some experimental changes. I can say that I love all the tracks in this album. Each track has a hit-point and very easy will top all charts.

Here is the tracklist of the album:
01 ????
I love this track since beginning. Old Cowboy mixed in fast-paced music but will not make you as old as lau-ah-ma.

02 ??
Slow and melodic song, accompanied only with guitars at the beginning. Easily bring you into karaoke box lah..

03 ???
A bit worry about how Jay sings this song, many twists on notes but bring a memory of hongkong kungfu film.

04 ????
Rock again in Jay style, but not bored as in Secret OST. He sings it perfectly this time.

05 ??????
Playing piano while singing this song, this is original Jay's style.

06 ??
Rock again. Well I think he will use more rock and rap style in future. Many high tones he hardly reach them, but with help with backing vocals it ends gracefully.

07 ???
Back my memory to singing first album of Jay, but let's say it is fresh :)

08 ?
Not sad as its trackname, it is hip hop R&B song with many help from music synthetizer and DJ's.

09 ???
I love this song so much, an old-style as old as high school song. Use this song to chase a girlfried will make you have 100% winning chance, tiok bo?

10 ?????
Sad song again, played with piano. Well, cilaka so many good songs how can I remember all the lyrics?

Still I haven't got detail about lyrics' composer, but I think Vincent Fang position is a bit replaced by other lyricists or Jay himself.

I give this album score 9.5 of 10. So generous he?
Okay, let's sing it together.

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