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Jay Chou Capricorn Album
CoverTired of my old Jay Chou  ??? MP3 Collections, I have been playing them again and again. When will Jay Chou new album be released?

The last album was released on Nov 2, 2007 (Cowboy on the Run). And the latest song introduced by him was Kungfu Dunk OST and ???? (Thousands …

Music Lyrics: Rainbow ?? - Jay Chou ???

This is track #2 from On The Run Album. Instead of singing rainbow happy tone, actually this is sad rainbow.

?? | Cai Hong | Rainbow

?? ???
Qu : Zhou Jie Lun
Music: Jay Chou

?? ???
Ci : Zhou Jie Lun
Lyrics: Jay Chou

Music Lyrics: Cowboy on the run ???? - Jay Chou ???

Get stunned when I see my wordpress stats, suddenly traffic to my site jump significantly after I posted On The Run Album Review. With some keyword search in Google actually my post is #1 entry. Okay.. as requested by many visitors, I post first song's lyrics including mandarin pinyin and translation that I got from Jay-Chou.net.

Many folks don't quite like this first track, but I personally like it very much, as much as I like Ting Ma Ma De Hua from previous album. Try to listen carefully and notice the speed and urgency feeling, you can hear it when chasing your front car or doing homework, tiok bo!

Bookmark my site JavaMilk.com in your browser or rss reader since I'll be posting next tracks' lyrics soon.

???? | Niu Zai Hen Mang| Cowboy on the Run

Qu: Zhou Jie Lun
Music: Jay Chou

Ci: Huang Jun Lang
Lyrics: Huang Jun Lang

Album Review: Jay Chou - On The Run

Jay Chou On The
RunA long awaiting album finally came up yesterday, latest album of Jay Chou ??? named On The Run which is taken from first tract title Cowboy on the run (????). It is released on Nov 2, 2007 but has already been available at torrent download and forum site since night Nov 1.

I recommend you to clear away any expectations from your mind. This album is very fresh in music and style meanwhile still retain Jay's unique singing technique. You should not compare it to previous albums as I think Jay also tries to do some experimental changes. I can say that I love all the tracks in this album. Each track has a hit-point and very easy will top all charts.

Here is the tracklist of the album:
01 ????
I love this track since beginning. Old Cowboy mixed in fast-paced music but will not make you as old as lau-ah-ma.

02 ??
Slow and melodic song, accompanied only with guitars at the beginning. Easily bring you into karaoke box lah..

03 ???
A bit worry about how Jay sings this song, many twists on notes but bring a memory of hongkong kungfu film.

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